Brokers & Consultants

Plan Sponsors and Brokers have access to the following reporting capabilities:

My Mailbox

Plan Sponsors and Brokers have access to the most up-to-date shock, aggregate, and check registers in My Mailbox. Auxiant will keep reports in the mailbox for reference and deliver client-requested reports to these mailboxes. This mailbox is a secure method of providing information under new HIPAA Security guidelines.

Standard Reports

Standard Reports provide access to menu-driven eligibility, provider and claims information directly from our claims system. Our account managers are always available to report and help analyze that data. But many find it helpful to have access to health plan statistics on-demand, at any time, to help in analysis and planning. About 20 reports are available as standard reports including Claims Paid by Location, Top Provider Reports, PPO Savings Reports, Eligibility Reports, etc.

Ad Hoc Custom Reports

Ad Hoc Reporting allows plan sponsors or brokers to "drill down" to specific detail. There are over 200 fields to report on including information from Eligibility, Claims and Providers.

Report Package

The Report Package goes into our claims system and compiles data for previous years or current year quarters into a very user-friendly package of statistics, charts, and graphs. This report includes Executive Summary, Claims Analysis, Per Employee per Month Costs, PPO savings, Claims by Diagnosis, Claims by Provider, Claims by Benefit, etc. This is an easy report to run, but includes a wealth of information and an excellent overview of the performance of a health plan.

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