DeductPlus+ Partial Self-funding


Partial Self-funding Plans by Auxiant


Sixty-four percent of health plan participants use $500 or less of their health insurance.

Auxiant provides you with an innovative way to help lower health insurance premiums.

DeductPlus+ permits customization. Payments are only made when claims are incurred, allowing accrual of premium savings. This partial self-funded plan is easy, affordable and helpful.

How DeductPlus+ works:

  1. Employee uses Insurance Company ID card to obtain services
  2. Medical provider bills Insurance Company
  3. EOB/Claim information electronically sent to Auxiant
  4. Auxiant sends "Deduct Plus" plan EOBs/payment to provider

Auxiant gives you the most complete and thorough service.

No one knows your clients' needs better than you. Actuarial tables and forecast models are self serving and the "self" in them is not your clients!

When employers buy low deductible plans, most of their employees don't benefit from it. Sixty-four percent of health plan participants use $500 or less of their health insurance. Where does the excess premium your clients have paid go at the end of the year? To the insurance company.

A high deductible plan can significantly lower premiums, yet still provide large claim protection and limit out-of-pocket expenses.

In traditional fully-insured plans, the way to decrease your premium is to increase the cost to employees or decrease the benefits.

DeductPlus+ allows you to reduce costs and maintain benefits, without cost shifting to employees - which allows you to focus again on attracting and retaining quality employees.

Auxiant manages the claims process for your clients and their employees and provides usable data when they need it.

Time = Money

Think your clients don't have time to administer their own funding? You're right, they don't. Time and money are more precious than ever - Auxiant is offering both.

Current Fully-Insured - Plan you want New Fully-Insured - Plan you buy
$500 Deductible $5,000 Deductible
$1,000 OPM $10,000 OPM
80/20 Co-insurance 80/20 Co-insurance
$25 Co-pay $25 Co-pay
$150 ER Co-pay $150 ER Co-pay

Over 40% premium savings on a current fully-insured plan provides the dollars to fund DeductPlus+ costs - with money left over.