Did you know there is a difference in price?

Average Allowable

Current Example: Hospital A Hospital B Hospital C Hospital D
Hip Replacement $ 34,205.76 $ 35,406.25 $ 53,933.34 $ 45,668.20

Did you know there is a difference in quality?

National Ranking Percentile (100% being the best)

Current Example: Hospital A Hospital B Hospital C Hospital D
Hip Replacement: 91.23% 79.06% 17.64% 22.35%

FocusHealth Results


Average Savings by procedure - $4,207
Average Opportunity cost by procedure - $4,008
Average Savings by group - $134,242

Tiered health plans routed for adding competition and leveling costs

Cost Avoidance % of Allowed Charges 29.26%

Potential Cost Avoidance - $17,617,000

Auxiant's FocusHealth Value Based Purchasing Program

How FocusHealth Works:

FocusHealth’s methodology combined the most accurate and reliable cost and quality data for inpatient and outpatient hospital services. In addition to providing transparency on specific hospital services, the FocusHealth statistical model creates an overall composite hospital value score. FocusHealth is the market’s only transparency model able to provide composite scoring, which serves as the key to engaging plan participants. Creative plan design uses the scoring system to incentivize members to uses the highest value hospitals.

Auxiant has developed a program which will help employers get to the lowest total medical spend while helping their employees and families experience the highest possible quality of care and the best outcomes. Costs have continued to increase at an unaffordable rate - Auxiant's FocusHealth product is the first step toward reforming our healthcare system and correcting today's crisis of unending medical cost inflation.

The Current System

  • Members choose a hospital, but without transparency of price or of quality
  • Providers are reimbursed per service, meaning more and more incentive to increase services - and costs
  • More is NOT better. National studies have proven that the more medical services provided, the worse the outcomes– measured by mortality, complication rates, and overall patient satisfaction
  • Patients don't have price or quality information on the medical services they are buying
  • Many services, with poor outcomes, at inflating prices

Auxiant's FocusHealth Program

  • Patients make hospital choices based on a scorecard of price and quality
  • Providers compete with each other for patients based on price and outcomes
  • The plan achieves the lowest possible medical spend through improved transparency - patient choice of the highest quality providers at the most competitive price.